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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

20 Things Under $25 I Love... Part 3 (Fashion)

This is Part 3 of 20 Things Under $25 I Love. See Part 1 for 5 favorite foods and Part 2 for Beauty Products. Look for the next post: Stuff that Would Not Fit In A Category

The Nautical Look
Ahoy matie! The nautical look, like the stripe sailor tee (above), is what I want to be wearing this Spring/Summer. The classic look is blue and white stripes. But Harper's Bazaar says "you can pull off the Breton-inspired trend with any color combo." So try red, gray or black stripes. Harper's also said nautical stripes are one of 2010's Top 20 Trends.

I just might walk the plank for this nautical cardigan at $22.80.
I've put together for you some nautical numbers under $25. You'll also find jewelry. For fun I threw in some nautical stuff for the home.
It's time for a sea jaunt! Anyone have an elegant yacht?

Cat-eyed Sunglasses

MEOW! Cat-eyed sunglasses are the cat's meow for Spring-Summer. The chic-goddess Tory Burch has got the look I love (above) but at a luxury price. So here are some cat-eyed sunnies for under $25 that will have you purring.

Windsor at ShopStyle

Middle: Mudd Cat-eye was $22, now $12.10
Lower Right: Oval Cat Eye $7.50
Upper Left: $8.90
Flip Flops

I just like to slide them on and go. The price is always right too! I'm tall so it's nice to wear a flat. I love it when I can find a stylish pair. These from J.Crew come in an assortment of colors and do the trick for me.

Blume Flip-Flops: $24.50 (and featured photo)

Valentino: The Last Emperor DVD
You'll feel like you're in the Italian couturier's opulent world from the moment the documentary Valentino: The Last Emperor  begins. A world of private jets and glamour. Peer behind the curtains as Valentino prepares his final collection before his retirement. You'll experience Valentino's close relationship with Giancarlo Giametti, his devoted companion and business partner who keeps the creative genuis on track.  It is the story of their partnership, of a love of fashion, and of a man who is a real legend. (Plus his 6 little pugs are real scene-stealers...)  Check out the trailer.

MUJI Socks

I wonder what Valentino would think to find out  a post on Socks follows him!  Dio Mio! Hopefully we won't have to pick him off the floor. But socks are an essential part of fashion, so let's go.

I bought these yarn socks made of recycled yarn from MUJI because I love the colors. Each one is different and fun. The fibers used to create the socks involves no fabric re-dying and that is better news for our environment. The unisex socks come 5 in a package in 3 different sizes. You can also buy MUJI sneaker socks.

MUJI was started in 1980 in Japan; it is now global. It's philosophy: functional design, a commitment to efficiency and a disdain of waste.  

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