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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Deal of the Week: Trendy Yellow Satchel

How about a little color in your wardrobe this summer? 

"From sunshine to mustard, yellow is turning heads this season," said Elle. Yellow also showed big on the Fall 2010 runway. So you can take this bag from summer right into fall.

Yellow is my favorite color, so I'd love to give it a try. 

This satchel adds a little pop to your style.

It's my deal of the week for you.

Nine & Co. Satchel: was $48.00 now $22.99  Sorry the yellow sold out! 
Also available in Espresso and Black.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Anthropologie Sale: What Will You Find?

Anthropologie is having a sale!

I've put together some fun things including--accessories, beauty, clothing, jewelry and home items. It almost feels like a fabulous flea market you've accidentally come across. Only everything is new and under $25!

Happy Shopping!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Deal of the Week: Betsey Johnson's Jewelry for Summer Fun!

Maybe because... summer starts in just a few days. 
Maybe because... of the recent hot spell. 
Or maybe because... today, I have that same excited feeling you get when you’re a kid and you know school is letting out, and you have the whole world in front of you. 
Betsey Johnson--the free-spirited fashion designer--has that feeling all year round.
She hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be that kid. 
Maybe that’s why I want to share with you some of her playful jewelry. 
It’s my deal of the week for you. Have a little fun today!
Flower Drop Earrings: was $30 now $21
Beatle Studs:was $25 now $12.50
Beatle/Gingham Flower Duo Necklace: was $45 now $22.50
Gingham Earrings: was $30 now $15.00

Large Flower Earring with Pearl: was $34.00 now $23.80
3 Row Key, Heart Charm Necklace: was $42.00 now $21.00
Long Chain Earrings with Charms: was $50 now $25.00
Padlock Earrings:was $30 now $19.99
Flower with Pearl Center Drop Earrings: was $30 now $21

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nice Stuff for Dad Under $25

It's easier to find a gold nugget on the sidewalk, than to find a gift for Dad! But here are some possibilities at a good price:

photo credit:

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back to the Beach With Home Accessories from Roost!

For me, the beach is the song in my head I play over and over again. I love driftwood and the salty stink of low tide. I love the ocean air that gives my hair a thick and messy texture and the beach sun that paints my tresses with lemony highlights. And I love to swim.

I bring the beach home with me. 

I dump sand out of my paperbacks and bags. And as if the waves ebb and flow through my front door, and leave behind their watery treasures: You'll spot seashells, sea glass and smooth round stones scattered every where. 

I tell a friend my living room style is French-Japanese-Beachy. 

When I discover Roost I am a happy beach bum. Roost uses "authentic materials and finishes" like shells and wood. All their accessories are "handmade, small craft production." Like me they favor naturalism: botanicals, trees, birds and sea creatures.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

What to Shop for in June: Get More for Less!

Looking for a bargain? 

June is the month to replace that old refrigerator. Then, fill it up with yogurt, cheese and milk as June is National Dairy Month.

Also you'll find good deals for dear ole Dad. Don't forget his special day. Keep your eyes open for sales on tools, sporting goods, men's sportswear or high-tech items like computers and DVD players. You can keep costs down and make your father happy. 

This is the 7th post in a series of posts on how to get more for less. If you follow the retail sales calendar, you'll find the best bargains each month. 

In June to get value for your money look for deals on:
  • Building Materials (Lumber etc.)
  • CD’s
  • Computers
  • DVD Players
  • Fabrics
  • Fishing and Camping Gear
  • Gifts for Dad
  • Men’s Cologne
  • Men’s Sportswear
  • Refrigerators
  • Storm Windows
  • Swimsuits
  • Tools (Power Saws, Drills etc.)
  • TVs
Each month I'll preview the next month's sales. Look for my next blog post in the series,"What to Shop For in July: Get More for Less!"  

Check out: 10 Shopping Tips: Get More for Less and What to Shop for in May for more money-saving tips.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Deal of the Week: Dior/A Book on the Fashion Giant

This beautifully illustrated book is the story of the French designer who started a fashion revolution: Christian Dior

The designer rocked the fashion world in 1947 with his New Look: an hourglass silhouette with a long full skirt.

It's my deal for you this week, for a little luxury in your life.

Dior: was $30 now $19.

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