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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back to the Beach With Home Accessories from Roost!

For me, the beach is the song in my head I play over and over again. I love driftwood and the salty stink of low tide. I love the ocean air that gives my hair a thick and messy texture and the beach sun that paints my tresses with lemony highlights. And I love to swim.

I bring the beach home with me. 

I dump sand out of my paperbacks and bags. And as if the waves ebb and flow through my front door, and leave behind their watery treasures: You'll spot seashells, sea glass and smooth round stones scattered every where. 

I tell a friend my living room style is French-Japanese-Beachy. 

When I discover Roost I am a happy beach bum. Roost uses "authentic materials and finishes" like shells and wood. All their accessories are "handmade, small craft production." Like me they favor naturalism: botanicals, trees, birds and sea creatures.


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