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Monday, October 19, 2009

Shopping Bag Style

Okay, I need one of these bags.

Is your purse anything like mine? Packed as full as for a month's trip to Paris? Some days you just can't fit anything else in there. Not a pair of sneakers, not a paperback and not even a skinny little file folder. And all you can find in the house to lug around your extra junk... er... stuff is a plastic supermarket bag. The one with the designer Stop & Shop label. That look really ruins your outfit.

Well, Old Navy solves that problem with these sophisticated 100% cotton totes. The store offers 5 different styles. They even come with a matching $10 umbrella. My favorite bag is the black and white one. But then again, I do love the birds.

You can even be eco-correct smart when you go to the supermarket to buy that baguette. So go ahead and tell everyone that you only paid $10 for the look. But then again, why?

I need one of these bags. But yeah, I really want one.

Old Navy:$10.00

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  1. just ordered this shopping gadget online called the Yoke Shopper( hasn't arrived yet but think it will solve the issue I have with juggling kids, phones, handbags etc - will let you know!


  2. Hi Sandra, Yes, juggling is the word! Thanks for the tip. I appreciate it.

    I checked out the Yoke Shopper, great idea. Let me know how it works. (Plus it will help with bag handles cutting into your hand!)



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