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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Deal of the Week: Flowie Makeup Bags

I thought I'd try a new post that features stylish deals I've found each week.

Let's start with these Flowie bags.

Too cute!

These two adorable makeup bags are by textile designer Yaling Hou. The print is inspired by her own wedding bouquet. 

The fabric is hand screened and sewn locally in the California Bay area. The bags come in two sizes.

Happy Shopping!
Pink and Brown Flowie Bouquet Makeup Bag: SPECIAL PRICE $14 for 6" bag was $26 and $16 for 8" was $28

Yellow and Green Flowie Bouquet Makeup Bag: SPECIAL PRICE $14 for 6" bag was $26 and $16 for 8" was $28.

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