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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kmart's Got the Fashion Look: It's All About Mixing It Up!

Kmart is looking good.

What I found is that this season Kmart is all about mixing fashion up--and it's all about smart style.

Kmart's VP of Women's Apparel says, "This look's all about mixing the unexpected--military with menswear, lady-like pearls with a funky denim vest, shortened pants with high heels--expect the unexpected."

At Kmart you can "expect the unexpected" and create entire outfits for less than $100. For the above outfit each of the individual pieces cost less than $25.

To create the look:
Route 66 Straw Fedora: $6.99 was $9.99*
Attention Woven Striped Shirt: $19.99
Route 66 Cotton Denim Vest: $14.99 was $19.99*
Route 66 Cargo Pants: $18.74 was $24.99*

Happy shopping!

* save 25% thru 5/15

photo credit: Kmart

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