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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

6 Natural Beauty Products Under $25: Selected by Whole Foods Body Care Pro

I love browsing the natural beauty and body care products at my local Whole Foods store. Yet these unique beauty products are a mystery to me. There are jars and jars of organic body lotions that promise to make your skin silky smooth; tubes of lovely scented hand creams; row after row of lipsticks in fabulous colors and so many choices for shampoos. 

Where does a girl begin? 

So I decided to ask an expert. I spoke to Meghan Elliott, Whole Foods Body Care Buyer in West Orange, New Jersey. I told her I was intrigued by Whole Foods huge selection of natural products, but I didn't know much about them. In particular, I wanted to learn about some of the beauty and body care products under $25. 

Meghan was happy to share with me with some of her favorite picks. This is what she had to say:

Giovanni Grapefruit Sky Body Lotion 

This has a great fresh scent, not overwhelmingly citrus, made with certified organic ingredients and leaves skin super soft and smooth with no oily feeling.
Giovanni Lotion: $9.99

Hemp Organics Lipsticks

Certified organic ingredients, great color selection (my favorites are mocha and red earth), super long-lasting even after eating I rarely re-apply.
Hemp Organics Lipsticks: $14.99

Karite-Lips Shea Butter Vanilla Lip Balm

Best lip balm I've ever used. Heals dry/chapped lips within a couple days. Relieves discomfort. Really protective in cold weather.
Karite-Lips Shea Balm: $8.59

Earth Science: Apricot Gentle Facial Scrub 

Gently exfoliates without irritating or drying. Leaves my skin soft and smoother after use. Soap free and PH balanced at 5. It is my favorite thing to use at the end of a long day!
Earth Science Apricot Facial Scrub: $8.59

Nubian Heritage Bar Soaps

My favorite is the African Black Soap with oats, aloe and vitamin E. The soap deep cleanses and gently exfoliates while moisturizing. Black soap in particular is good for evening skin tone and healing any irritations.We carry 12 other varieties all unique and all smell amazing.100% vegetable based, no animal by-products or animal testing.
Nubian Heritage Soap: $3.99

Aubrey Organics Shampoos and Conditioners

Aubrey Organics makes many varieties for any hair type. 100% natural, no sodium lauryl sulfate, no parabens or petro-chemicals, vegan, no animal testing. Amazing line, great results. My favorite is the Primrose and Lavender scalp soothing shampoo. Leaves hair cleansed and hydrated.
Aubrey Organics Shampoos and Conditioners: $10-13 range

I've already tried the Giovanni Grapefruit Sky Body Lotion, and the scent is light and pleasing. Delicious!

Thank you Meghan, for the sampling of Whole Foods organic beauty care products. (And thank you Denise Dagnino for the photos.) I look forward to checking out more of your recommendations!

Note: Meghan recently took a position as ATL of Whole Body at the Whole Foods Madison, NJ store. 

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Photo credits: Denise J. Danino, Whole Foods Marketing Team Leader 
Photo credit for lip balm: Mode de Vie

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