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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Savor France With These Fine Savon de Marseille Soaps From O'Soleil

O’Soleil has the feel of a Parisian boutique. 

Isabelle, the owner of O'Soleil, is French and grew up in France. Her sophisticated style and delicate touch are evident throughout the Montclair, New Jersey shop. At  O'Soleil, you’ll find beautiful and unique clothing, elegant home decor and unique jewelry from both French and American designers.

And then there are the  Savon de Mar-seille Extra Pur Soaps by La Compagnie de Pro-vence. I am drawn to them like a moth to a light. 

The handmade soaps are arranged artfully on two shelves. On the top shelf, the all-natural Savon de Marseille Extra Pur liquid hand soaps seem to glow within their chic glass dispensers. While the exquisite Savon Extra Pur bar soaps with their contemporary, colorful packaging have the brilliance of a box of French pastels (see above photo.)

“You’ll find Savon de Marseille soaps in French pharmacies,” Isabelle tells me. 

French pharmacies are a destination, unlike our ho-hum American chain pharmacies. A place where you can buy luxe beauty products. 

Savon Extra Pur Soap is gentle and is ideal for sensitive skin. It is made from 72% palm oil and it is a wonderful moisturizer. 

Since 1688, French law decreed that only soaps made  in and around the Marseille area, using traditional techniques and containing only the purest ingredients are privileged  to bear the mark "Savon de Marseille." 

Fragrances include: Figure (fig), Pamplemousse (grapefruit), Olive Lavende (lavender), Verveine (verbena),  Fleur d' oranger (Orange Blossom), Rose, and Pure (unscented).

I’ve fallen hard for the Pamplemousee. I like its wholesome, clean bouquet. After my shower, I feel fresh. I love how the soap’s weight in grams is engraved into one side of the soap.

Modern and natural, with a dash of French histoire! What more could you want.

100 gram Savon de Marseille soap: $7.00
250 gram Savon de Marseille soap: $10.00
500 ml Savon de Marseille Liquid Hand Soap: $22.00

O’Soleil: South Fullerton Ave., Montclair, NJ  07042/973.783.4444

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