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Monday, December 7, 2009

Dress Up Your Dog for the Holidays With a Festive Collar and Leash!

Okay, dog owners. You can't forget your lovable poochie, this holiday season. Not with these oh-so-cute doggie accessories, toys and beauty products from The Banyan Tree. The store is selling 3 different styles (see above) of an adjustable dog collar and leash: "Naughty or Nice Dog Bones," "Festive Stripes," and "Polka Dots." The collar comes in a variety of sizes. Your well-dressed dog will be the ultimate Fashionista on the block. After all, your best friend deserves the very best. 


Plus how can you pass up these beauty accessories made especially for your dog. The Banyan Tree is offering two different packages of soap, each containing 3 bars: the wonderful "Peppermint/Cranberry" and "Mint Glycerine." Both will give your lil' darlin' a delightful fragrant scent. 
Soaps: $12 each

And what about some doggie holiday toys? Three mint-flavored Mini-Pet balls with little sayings. For boys: Stud... Good Boy... and Ho Ho! For girls: Princess... Diva... and Ho Ho! The charming package even has a hook so you can hang it on the tree. 
Mini-Pet Balls: $9.00 for the set (not for dogs over 12 pounds)

The Banyan Tree is an elegant shop in Upper Montclair, NJ that features decorative gift accessories for the home. When I visited the store, I planned to showcase some of their home accessories. That is until I saw the tempting display of dog merchandise under The Banyan Tree's cheerful Christmas tree. 

The amazing tree is garnished with garlands of sparkly red dog bones. Woof!
Dog-boned Garland: $15.00

In the following month, I plan to single out some unique items from Montclair shops that would make fabulous gifts. And lucky you, you won’t even have to leave home as you can order everything on-line.  You can check out a previous blog post where I highlighted hip Jonathan Adler ornaments from Montclair's ColorStoryHome.

The Banyan Tree: Bellevue Avenue, Upper Montclair, NJ

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