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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Marc Jacobs Special Items: Shh!... Yes, You Can Afford These Trendy Accessories

Are you in love with Marc Jacobs fashion? Then, you'll also love that he offers stylish Special Items at affordable prices. Like $5 and under! How cool is that. A designer who understands real women? 

Thanks Marc!

Key loops (above): Available in Dark Leopard, Navy, Dark Green, Burgundy, Fuschia, Bronze, Gold, Light Leopard 
Two Tone Belt

Two Tone Belt: Available in Black/pink; Black/purple; Black/Blue; Black/Green; Black/Yellow; Black/Orange

MJ Water Bottles

MJ Water Bottle: $5.00
Lipstick Pen

Lipstick Pen: $1.50
 Bubble Glitter Rings

Bubble Glitter Rings: Available in Raspberry, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Black and Red/$1.00/resin

Multi-colored Rhinestone Bubble Ring 

All Special Items available only at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores

Marc Jacobs: 403-405 Bleecker Street, New York, NY/212-924-0026

photo credits: Marc Jacobs store

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