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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Look Beautiful with Pylones' Accessories: Fun from France

Your daily beauty routine doesn't have to be dull.

With Pylones' grooming accessories such as this cute nail file, featured above, it might just make an otherwise boring task fun. 

Pylones (Pee-lone) takes everyday objects from cheese graters to umbrellas and makes them fresh and exciting. Did I hear a giggle?

Whenever I take anyone--children and adults--to this colorful and cheerful store they just smile when they walk through the door. 

Pylones-USA opened its first store in NYC on the Upper East Side. There are now 5 stores in Manhattan. The shop hails from France.

These featured accessories, all under $25, are dandy stocking stuffers. Also a good choice for the beauty-devotee who thinks she has everything.

Nail File (above)
5 other hip and lovely ladies available. 
Includes suction cup. 

Pocket Brush and Mirror
Compact brush with nylon brush bristles and mirror, when you need to look good quick! Six styles including "kitty" are available. 

Sweet Treats Manicure Sets
Aren't they yummy! Implements for a mani or pedi.
Cone: 5"L x 3"W x .75"H/$12.00 

Large Hairbrush
Pylones has 10 styles available including this mod brush. Groovy!
Large Hairbrush/Cinetic Orange: 8.5" x 2.5"/$21.00 

Pocket Mirror
Be in vogue. Two interior mirrors. Including a 2x's magnification. 
15 styles in all. 

Click for: Stores in NYC 

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photo credit: Pylones

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