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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fun All Year Round with Fred Flare!

I'm always looking for "Fashionable Finds." But today, we'll forget about fashionable. There are times you just want to have a good laugh!

These items from Fred Flare will tickle your funny bone all year round. LOL!

For a giggle how about the We Met On Facebook gum. (see above) It is so ridiculous, it just cracks me up. You get eight, fruity pieces for $2.00.

Friend someone and share it.

Or what about this...

Make NY Souvenir Cards

This really capture NYC for me. I love the city. You can send one of these five 4 x 6 postcards to a buddy. Or assemble the 3-D models at home. What could be more NY than: the Empire State Building with King Kong; a hot dog cart: the Brooklyn Bridge; the Staten Island ferry, a yellow taxi; or a bagel with lox and... a cup of coffee, of course.

How about a yummy burger with a Sesame bun? You can't eat this one, though.

Cheeseburger Kitchen Timer

Be a kid again with...

The Indie Rock Coloring Book

Features over 25 indie bands from Bon Iver to Iron and Wine and The Shins. You can have a grand time coloring in the designs. Proceeds go to charity. Remember to color in the lines!

FredFlare:’s first-ever BRICK & MORTAR STORE: 131 Meserole Ave at Leonard Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn 11222, 718-349-1257

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