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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Unique Letterpress Paper Goods from Parcel

I enter the wondrous world of Parcel much like Alice following the White Rabbit down the hole. This is what I discover in this delightful paper shop in Montclair, New Jersey.

All things dear fill the shop that the owner collects--precious porcelain figurines; ribbons of every color; European sweets in old-fashioned candy jars; alphabet tiles from vintage games; paper and ephemera, curiosities and collectibles, craft materials, retro party favors and so much more.

In addition, the store presents a distinguished line of Parcel Paper Goods--letterpress journals, notecards, holiday gift cards and an amazing 2010 calendar. 

I am hooked. 

I have a slight obsession with letterpress stationery and Parcel’s designs are beautiful. I like the textured feel of the letterhead paper, it has a warmth and history to it.

Letterpress technology dates back to its invention by Johannes Gutenberg and Parcel gives the old, a modern sensibility.

I want to share with you some of Parcel's letterpress designs that wowed me.

Hand letterpressed and embellished Holiday Gift tags and stickers

These cards have an old-fashioned appeal
$12.00 for 13 Holiday Tags 

2010 Calendar: 2-color hand letterpressed pages 

A year of art..

in a box...

Incredible detail...

Easel style folder

2010 Calendar: $24.99

Books/journals with hand-letterpressed covers. 

These gorgeous covers are inspired by vintage scientific and botanical imagery. Includes a faux bois (fake wood) pattern--available in fuschia, lime, orange and chocolate brown. Pages are unlined.

Custom-designed books: $11.00-$22.00 

Parcel also creates custom paper-cut silhouettes, personalized silver charms, custom invitations and boxes of inspiration--from garden themes to faerie wonderlands--filled with craft and millinery materials and vintage ephemera. Charming.

For an incredible journey, sneak a peek at Parcel's website. When I stumbled upon the site, I knew I had to visit the store. It gives the impression of a magical stage show. The curtains are pulled open to reveal an enchanting scene. A well-dressed rabbit--looking as if he stepped out of the pages of a 19th century children’s picture book--moves through a fantastical realm--red mushrooms with white polka dots; a burst of calla lillies; a grand castle; a pair of golden doves entwined; a pine forest. Birds chirp and chimes sound--a sweet melody in a music box.

Parcel: Bloomfield Ave., Montclair, NJ 07042/973-744-7700

In the following month, I plan to single out some unique items from Montclair shops that would make fabulous gifts. And lucky you, you won’t even have to leave home as you can order everything on-line.  You can check out a previous blog post where I highlighted hip hats for babies at Minnow, a trendy children's clothing store.

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